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Slide-bait Fishing - Hawaiian Style

Shore casting has always been a popular way to fish on the Hawaiian Islands. Fishermen here established a distinctive way of going after the giant trevally, or ulua as it is called in the islands.

Types of Fishing on Oahu

On the Hawaiian Island of Oahu exists two main types of fishing: shore fishing and deep sea fishing. Of the two, deep sea fishing is the most popular because the fish are larger and more exotic than many shore water varieties and the tour is planned.

Hawaii’s State Fish

Hawaii’s state fish is the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa and is also called the rectangular triggerfish, or Hawaiian triggerfish. This 21 letter name is phonetically pronounced, “who moo who moo new coo new coo ah poo ah ah.”

Oahu Fishing Tours

Hawaii’s colorful coral systems draws some of the most beautiful and interesting species of fish in the world. The deep sea ocean is also very close to the ocean and can be reached easily by boat.