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june 10, '20

Getting Ready for A Day at Sea on an Oahu Fishing Adventure

Heading out to the open ocean for a day of fishing is one of those activities that you will really be looking forward to....

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may 26, '20

Getting Ready for A Day at Sea on an Oahu Fishing Adventure

Anytime you have a big adventure planned, there’s always going to be a bit of mystery, and great excitement,...

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apr 21, '20

Native Fish to the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii’s warm waters are ripe with marine life, and there are many stunning species are found very easily while visiting the islands...

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apr 14, '20

Getting Ready for Your Oahu Fishing Adventure

From the moment you head out to sea on your Oahu Fishing Adventure, the fun is constant and lasts throughout the entire...

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apr 7, '20

Oahu Deep Sea Fishing FAQs

Before heading out on an Oahu deep sea fishing adventure, there are important FAQs that you will want to know...

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apr 1, '20

Hawaii Sport Fishing Tours

For as long folks have called Hawaii home, its residents have relied on the Pacific Ocean as a source of food...

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mar 24, '20

Things to Do in Hawaii – Deep Sea Fishing

Have you been wondering what to do during your vacation in Hawaii? Of all the things to do in Hawaii...

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mar 11, '20

Which Fish Will You Find Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing

The warm waters of Hawaii are the perfect place for fish of all sizes to live, where warm waters...

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mar 2, '20

Private or Semi-Private Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Adventures

As you’re researching your options for a Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Adventure, you’ll have some tough choices to make....

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feb 26, '19

Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Spots

Deep-sea fishing in Hawaii is one of the go-to activities for sportsmen who visit Hawaii...

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oct 19, '19

Slide-bait Fishing - Hawaiian Style

Shore casting has always been a popular way to fish on the Hawaiian Islands. Fishermen here established a distinctive way of going...

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oct 14, '19

Types of Fishing on Oahu

On the Hawaiian Island of Oahu exists two main types of fishing: shore fishing and deep sea fishing. Of the two, deep sea fishing is the....

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oct 10, '19

Hawaii’s State Fish

Hawaii’s state fish is the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa and is also called the rectangular triggerfish, or Hawaiian triggerfish.....

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oct 1, '19

Oahu Fishing Tours

Hawaii’s colorful coral systems draws some of the most beautiful and interesting species of fish in the world....

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