Getting Ready for Your Oahu Fishing Adventure

From the moment you head out to sea on your Oahu Fishing Adventure, the fun is constant and lasts throughout the entire adventure. Just being out on the open ocean is so much fun, and even before you cast your line, you and your entire fishing group will be having a great time. Your island is nowhere in sight, and you’re surrounded by the most stunningly blue water imaginable. Casting out your line and waiting for a bite brings great anticipation and the camaraderie on board the boat, you’ll feel like you’re with old friends out for a day of fun.

There are important steps that you can take to be ready for your Oahu fishing adventure, each vital to making sure the your adventure is perfect and you don’t fall victim to the high seas.

Battling Sea Sickness
If you’ve ever fallen victim to sea sickness, you know that it can quickly ruin an entire day. And probably some of the next day as well. Getting your sea legs takes time and experience on the water, and since you’re heading out only for the day, you may need some help. Be sure to consult your doctor and take the appropriate doses of sea sickness medication. Follow instructions on when to take and you should have a day at sea that is uninterrupted.

Bring Food and Water
To make it through the day, you will need to bring plenty of food and water. Prior to your Oahu fishing adventure, stock up on the essentials like water, sports drinks, plenty of snacks, and meals to last for the duration of your adventure. What you bring is all that you will have, so be sure to stock up. You can also ask the captain about adult beverages, should you choose. And be sure to be responsible on board, if those are permitted.

Don’t Get Sunburned
If you thought sea sickness could ruin a day, a bad sunburn can ruin a vacation, and can even ruin getting back home. The sun seems to hit a bit harder in Hawaii, so be sure to wear plenty of sunblock throughout your trip. Especially when you’re out at sea on your Oahu fishing adventure. Slather it on, wear a hat, long sleeve shirt, sunglasses, and be sure to reapply sunblock often. You will be grateful that you did.

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