Oahu Deep Sea Fishing FAQs

Before heading out on an Oahu deep sea fishing adventure, there are important FAQs that you will want to know. Everything from the size of the boat to the duration of the adventure, which fish you will be in search of, and what you can bring on board. Here are the essential Oahu deep sea fishing FAQs that you will need to know.

How big is the fishing boat?
Each boat varies in size, but you can expect that your deep sea fishing boat will be between 35-55’ long. Some are a larger, some fall right into the range, and some may even be a little shorter. It all depends on the fishing charter that you choose, but you will have a great place to spend the day regardless of the size.

Is there a covered area on board?
This varies with each charter, but they will all include a protective area of some kind. On board some fishing boats there will be an interior portion with places to sit and relax, while others feature a canopy that offers protection from the sun.

What should we bring on board?
You will receive instructions and information prior to your Oahu deep sea fishing adventure, but in most cases you are welcome to bring whatever you would like. Most importantly, you will want to bring plenty of water and food, sunblock or sunscreen, a protective hat, sunglasses,  and cover from the sun, like a long sleeved shirt or light jacket.

Do we keep what we catch?
Whatever is caught is portioned out and you will receive a share of the catch, with the remainder staying with the boat. The captain determines the amount that is kept by everyone on board based on the size of the fish and number of passengers on board the boat that day.

What is the difference between Private and Semi-Private Charter?
A private charter means that you are reserving the entire boat and you and your party will be the only occupants during your adventure. This is more of an exclusive fishing adventure. A semi-private charter means you will be reserving only the number of seats you require on board, so you will be joined by fellow fishermen who have also reserved spots on the boat that day.

What are the types of fish that we will catch?
Depending on the length of your deep sea fishing charter, you will head out to either the deep waters, or stick to the channels between the islands where the water is not quite as deep. In the deep waters, marlin, sailfish, and big tuna are found, while the more moderate waters feature smaller tuna, ono, and Mahi Mahi.

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