Types of Fishing on Oahu

On the Hawaiian Island of Oahu exists two main types of fishing: shore fishing and deep sea fishing. Of the two, deep sea fishing is the most popular because the fish are larger and more exotic than many shore water varieties and the tour is planned. If the sport is more thrilling than the dinner, then definitely charter a boat because there is more action in deep sea fishing and more fish available at deeper levels. Also, the bigger fish (starting at 20 lbs) make it more challenging to snag the catch. To add to the thrill of the catch, there is the opportunity to see whales, dolphins, turtles, and other marine life that are not visible close to shore. Remember though that the boat captain and the weather dictate the details of charter trips. But then again, shore fishing has its own advantages.

Shore fishing only costs bait and gear. As added incentive, there is more control over how long you fish and where you go while shore fishing. For a relaxing day, stick with shore fishing, which is about nature, and remembering the history of old island fishing. Shore fishing provides the pride of taking home dinner. Fishing is legal on most shorelines of Oahu unless a sign prohibiting fishing is posted. Because of overfishing, however, some shores alternate years that they allow fishing. For example, the Waikiki-Diamond Head Shoreline is open during the even years, and closed during the odd years.

Hawaii does not require a fishing license for any person to fish. If you don't catch too many fish, then you should be safe. During a day of fishing you can usually catch blue striped snapper and surgeonfish. The night fishing fetches in the local ulua, papio, and omilu fish. There are even charters for midnight shark hunts. If you want, you can also fish like the Hawaiians of old by catching your own bait at night. Just take a spear and lantern out to the reefs to capture white eel and octopus. Making friends with local fisherman gets you the chance of learning a few tips for the best way to enjoy this sport.

As you can see, one type of fishing may not be better than the other depending on what kind of adventure you seek. Therefore, the excitement of deep sea fishing or the relaxation of shore fishing is your choice to make and enjoy. Check out Hawaii Discount (#hawaiidiscount) for the best offers and prices on tours and activities such as fishing charters and shark cage dives.